Deceive The Eye

by Blunt Object

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Recorded by Cris Hunter Marshall and James Ivey at Tonal Recording Studios.
Artwork by Kristina Villegas


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Blunt Object San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Final Thoughts
On my death bed. Not re-living the past.
This is all a memory and I'm coming to
Slowly, the light is taking over my sight.

And if you see me again
It'd be on the other side.

Am I here?
Or am I on my way out
I'm saying my goodbyes.
Closing my eyes for eternity
For the long
Sleep for eternity.
Track Name: Deceive the Eye
Abandon perspective and create your own reality.
Within this system you're bound by the rules
Who told you to be someone you didn't wanna be?
They got you dressed just like a fool.

Don't questions go through your head?
Do you really wanna live like this?
A life bound to chains.
A mind in the fray.
Do you really wanna live like this?
I'm done with these thoughts in my head.

I'm not under your rule.
I'm not your fool.

Done with these thoughts going through my head
Done with hanging my head in shame.
No longer will I feel again
sorry for you.

Done with these thoughts in my head
Done with hanging my head in shame.
Track Name: A Mind's Pain
What can I say about these days?
I haven't been feeling the same
It doesn't matter what I think or say.
When the person I love sheds tears of emotional pain.
I've tried to run from the problem
But only ran into more.
I've questioned my existence of life
What am I here for?
Call me cursed
When I look down
My world beneath is crumbling, deteriorating
Follow me to the darknes
I don't need a damn thing.
Maybe you can find the light
But I doubt it.
This black hole will engulf your sight
Trapped inside you'll never find a peace.
Try to set your mind at ease
These hands will tear you limb from limb
You'll never find the light.
Track Name: Trees (ft. Justin from SnakeWay)
Hung by a tree, left out to bleed.
I can't see I can't breath
With this bag placed over my head,
no one can recognize me.

Still I refuse to stop breathing.
Every breath is getting harder to take
when they hang by my feet.
If my eyes don't open again that's fine with me.
Humiliation is another thing handled only by the weak.

Still I refuse to stop breathing
If this is my last day than so be it.
Return a life dealt pain and suffering
I won't go without taking you with me

to the other side. A land before time.
A skeleton's hand guides you to your demise
Track Name: Playing with the Reaper
So you think that this life is game?
Well you're playing with the reaper
I've seen the future your fate is sealed 
look into my eyes 

Your life is burning away 
only ashes remain. No form to sustain. 
Try to regain something that's just not there 
you can yell and scream 
even pull out your hair.

But you lost. 
And now it's gone. 
Your life is gone 
Adios, goodbye. 

Some people never learn 

Sorry you had to learn that 
nobody's there to pick you up when you're down.
No smiles to comfort you
Only frowns.
One more time, you said
Roll the dice, you did
Looks like you lost again.